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The California Drought

5 Dec


Laying in my bed at night I am listing to my sink facet in my bathroom as it continues to leak.


I wonder how much water is being wasted, and if it would make a difference in the drought. And then I remember that every drop counts. Every drop could make a difference in what is considered the largest drought in California’s history.

This week California got a smidgen of water, okay slightly more then a couple drops. However it was close to what we needed to start recovering from drought.

The origin of water spark some conversation on twitter about the rain (and the drought) seemed to be the rain itself, later on news organizations posted articles articulating how far California is from being declared drought free.

Screenshot 2014-12-05 01.11.50

This seemed to be a common post which showed various maps of the drought, the map on the far left is a popular map that is apart of a interactive website.

Screenshot 2014-12-05 01.12.11

I just thought this post was really cool, because I used to live about two hundred feet from this weather station. However, they do provide real time data about the drought and the high temperatures.

Screenshot 2014-12-05 01.12.26This above picture seemed to be the general reaction of twitter universe. Most users where glad that rain had occurred, but they realized that this is only a drop in comparison to the water that California needs.

Have a great weekend everyone! (Stay dry)



The tweet storm: my foray into twitter chats

17 Oct

Rapid fire tweeting isn’t really my thing, especially with the cast it makes tweeting incredibitly awkward.

Although none the less I got to interact with pretty awesome agriculture industry leaders via the #agchat last tuesday. The #agchat was centered around one of my favorite topic agriculture & politics.

Screenshot 2014-10-14 18.05.23

A lot of agriculturists had a great ideas to both educate the public about agriculture and combat current misconceptions. The chat highlighted various ways for agriculturists to become active in the political sphere, it promoted helpful and progressive tips.

Screenshot 2014-10-16 17.20.28

Screenshot 2014-10-16 17.21.09

This is where I decided to but my two cents and share this application which has allowed me to keep up to date on current agriculture policies in the United States, they even have a option to email your local congressman or representative to voice your opinion.

Lets be real, agriculture is messy. Politics are even messier, but with this application it gets a little easier.