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The California Drought

5 Dec


Laying in my bed at night I am listing to my sink facet in my bathroom as it continues to leak.


I wonder how much water is being wasted, and if it would make a difference in the drought. And then I remember that every drop counts. Every drop could make a difference in what is considered the largest drought in California’s history.

This week California got a smidgen of water, okay slightly more then a couple drops. However it was close to what we needed to start recovering from drought.

The origin of water spark some conversation on twitter about the rain (and the drought) seemed to be the rain itself, later on news organizations posted articles articulating how far California is from being declared drought free.

Screenshot 2014-12-05 01.11.50

This seemed to be a common post which showed various maps of the drought, the map on the far left is a popular map that is apart of a interactive website.

Screenshot 2014-12-05 01.12.11

I just thought this post was really cool, because I used to live about two hundred feet from this weather station. However, they do provide real time data about the drought and the high temperatures.

Screenshot 2014-12-05 01.12.26This above picture seemed to be the general reaction of twitter universe. Most users where glad that rain had occurred, but they realized that this is only a drop in comparison to the water that California needs.

Have a great weekend everyone! (Stay dry)



30 Days Agriculture Blog: Wearable technology

13 Nov

Everyone in California has hear about Google Glass, heck even students in my journalism department even got to play with the device.

Technology is becoming a major player in agriculture, starting from the days of the cotton gin (which is memorialized in history books across the U.S.) to the days of the GPS it is impossible to farm with out these innovations in agriculture. Wearable devices are become mainstream rather abruptly, in fact it wasn’t even twenty years ago that the Global Positioning System (GPS) was put to work in agriculture.

But the question is how do we take the mainstream mobile technology, such as the Google Glass, and convert it into a resource for agriculture.

Tek Wear Ag came up with a solution, more like a application, to turn the Google Glass into a major innovation in agriculture.

Some of the examples of Glass can be implemented on a farm:

-Give individuals advice on how to fix complex machinery

-Insect identification from a remote location

-Easier organization and correlation of data

-Diagnoses of animal health issues

Video curtsey of Agriculture.com

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I explore the definition of the word organic and the associations that are implied.


30 Day Blog Challenge: The Instagram of John Deere

7 Nov

Nothing runs like a deer, or at least that the rumor.

Every week I take the opportunity to check out something that is related to social media and agriculture. In weeks past I have talked about the #agvocate, as well different social media marketing techniques. Every week as part of my journalism class we are tasked with finding out new and innovate ways to connect our beats (mine is agriculture… cue the shock gasps) to the rest of the world.

This week I choose to focus John Deere and how they have developed the social media platform Instagram. They have a following of 15K people, with only 126 photographic as posts. Which follows the methodology of fewer posts of high quality.

So there is a reason that the John Deere logo stands out, from the yellow deer to earthy green its pretty evident that this is an agriculture company. That sells tractors as well as a lifestyle.


John Deere’s marketing campaign does some pretty innovative photography with their Instagram feed to promote their overall brand. The strong contrast of colors used in the photos harken back to old time values. In addition they do a lot of promotion of agriculture, which relates back into their core branding.


However John Deere’s Instagram doesn’t just remain glued into a single subtype their feed also includes the occasional holiday picture and pop culture reference. The occasional picture that doesn’t relate to the core brand keeps the platform from becoming too stereotypical or heavy.


Overall the Instagram of the John Deere is pretty solid, the only recommendation that would I would make is that there is a overabundance of has-tags where there should be more text to explain the picture.

Have a good night everyone,


(Photo credit: All photos are curtsy of the Instagram feed of John Deere)

Ways to Capture your audience attention: the info graphic way

31 Oct

People have a attention span of the gold fish, well at least I do.

One of ways that gather people attention to your information is a nice info graphic, it presents the information in a nice and condensable format that is easy for readers to digest. In addition info graphics are more: persuasive,engaging, and memorable However given that I am not a photoshop master I turned to the Piktochart, to create a snazzy info graphic about how to dress professional.


Screenshot 2014-10-30 17.46.51Screenshot 2014-10-30 17.46.58

Piktochart was really easy to use, and I ended up creating a info graphic in about thirty minutes. But here is a step by step guide.

Screenshot 2014-10-30 17.43.40

When you enter the editing room there is just a blank space which allows to input your title and choose some different elements to make your graphic unique.

Screenshot 2014-10-30 17.48.37 Screenshot 2014-10-30 17.43.50

As seen above there is a lot of different option that you can choose from in the background and in the icons. From the icons (in the agriculture section) I found a great little tractor, and decided on a wood grain for my background.

Screenshot 2014-10-30 17.49.55 Screenshot 2014-10-30 17.50.27

In addition to having great icons and charts they also have a lot of different charts and maps that you can edit to make it even more personalized. For example user can make charts on consummation of corn in the United States (which is grown almost everywhere in the states) or the population of dairy farms per each state.

Screenshot 2014-10-30 18.06.43

So this is just a small sample of what you can do with Piktochart. Hopefully this highlighted something that could be easy inserted to social media so that readers are more engaged with agriculture.