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The California Drought

5 Dec


Laying in my bed at night I am listing to my sink facet in my bathroom as it continues to leak.


I wonder how much water is being wasted, and if it would make a difference in the drought. And then I remember that every drop counts. Every drop could make a difference in what is considered the largest drought in California’s history.

This week California got a smidgen of water, okay slightly more then a couple drops. However it was close to what we needed to start recovering from drought.

The origin of water spark some conversation on twitter about the rain (and the drought) seemed to be the rain itself, later on news organizations posted articles articulating how far California is from being declared drought free.

Screenshot 2014-12-05 01.11.50

This seemed to be a common post which showed various maps of the drought, the map on the far left is a popular map that is apart of a interactive website.

Screenshot 2014-12-05 01.12.11

I just thought this post was really cool, because I used to live about two hundred feet from this weather station. However, they do provide real time data about the drought and the high temperatures.

Screenshot 2014-12-05 01.12.26This above picture seemed to be the general reaction of twitter universe. Most users where glad that rain had occurred, but they realized that this is only a drop in comparison to the water that California needs.

Have a great weekend everyone! (Stay dry)



Happy Thanksgiving

28 Nov

I am now writing writing in the dead of the night because I fell into a turkey coma in the middle of the day.


So here is a short list of things that I’m thankful for:
1) I am grateful that after four years of hard work that I am schedule to graduate in the spring of 2015!
2) Growing up in California we have always had a abundant amount of agriculture, and now some luck (and praying) the drought might ease off a bit
3) Traveling up and down California this week I got to see my family, from my grandparents down in Bakersfield to family in Fresno
4) In addition I’m grateful for my the friends that have become family. I been pretty blessed in the friends department to have such lovely and supportive friends
5) And lastly that God gives me the strength to make it through the days, but is willing to provide a glass of wine when it gets rough

Have a good holiday weekend,

Ways to Capture your audience attention: the info graphic way

31 Oct

People have a attention span of the gold fish, well at least I do.

One of ways that gather people attention to your information is a nice info graphic, it presents the information in a nice and condensable format that is easy for readers to digest. In addition info graphics are more: persuasive,engaging, and memorable However given that I am not a photoshop master I turned to the Piktochart, to create a snazzy info graphic about how to dress professional.


Screenshot 2014-10-30 17.46.51Screenshot 2014-10-30 17.46.58

Piktochart was really easy to use, and I ended up creating a info graphic in about thirty minutes. But here is a step by step guide.

Screenshot 2014-10-30 17.43.40

When you enter the editing room there is just a blank space which allows to input your title and choose some different elements to make your graphic unique.

Screenshot 2014-10-30 17.48.37 Screenshot 2014-10-30 17.43.50

As seen above there is a lot of different option that you can choose from in the background and in the icons. From the icons (in the agriculture section) I found a great little tractor, and decided on a wood grain for my background.

Screenshot 2014-10-30 17.49.55 Screenshot 2014-10-30 17.50.27

In addition to having great icons and charts they also have a lot of different charts and maps that you can edit to make it even more personalized. For example user can make charts on consummation of corn in the United States (which is grown almost everywhere in the states) or the population of dairy farms per each state.

Screenshot 2014-10-30 18.06.43

So this is just a small sample of what you can do with Piktochart. Hopefully this highlighted something that could be easy inserted to social media so that readers are more engaged with agriculture.

Flowers in my yard

19 Sep

Venturing into my front yard today I noticed that some of my flowers have finally started blooming!IMG_1013 IMG_1047

Photos by Kristen Moran

Places2Faces: Fun at the Farm

19 Sep

So recently I have been really sick. Please don’t misunderstand this week has given me a excellent opportunity to work on my Darth Vader impressions but ultimately it left me missing a lot of my usual hangouts. Like the university farm.


The farm pavilion or frankly the farm classroom is where I spend most of the week. Because this is such a dynamic place I choose to feature of the Sigma Alpha recruitment activity at the farm for the Places2Faces assignment.IMG_0981

This is Riley McMillan one of the recruitment chairs for Sigma Alpha, the agriculture professional woman sorority that I belong to. Last week was a major week for our organization as we reach out to potential members.


The evening started out with a bang and the group divided into four sections to tackle various team-building activities. Sigma Alpha based on the four pillars of scholarship, fellowship, leadership, and philanthropy and focus on cultivating women in agriculture.


As the evening wrapped up the women did a recap of the night events and tallied up the points for the winners for the competition. Over all the night was a resounding success as we as15 women came to event.

Creating a hashtag for famers (and consumers)

12 Sep


Last week in my blog post I mention the word agvocate; however I didn’t know at that moment in time that it had been formed into a nation wide hashtag movement.

The root of word agvocate means to be a advocate for agriculture. Only 1 percent of the American population is involved in agriculture, leaving the rest of the population with a vague idea of where their food comes from.

Most of the individuals that are using #Agvocate are tying to get their followers to think more about agriculture and where their food comes from.

There is a major disconnect between agriculturists and the rest of population. For example most people in the United States think that major corporations own the majority of farms. However according to American Farm Bureau an overwhelming 97% of farms are family owned and operated and alone they feed approximately 155 people per a year.

The mission behind this hashtag movement is creating a bridge between the consumers and farmers. So instead of being a anonymous source of food there is now a face (a real person) that is providing the food.

Photo Credit: Kristen Moran

Video Credit:  WieghatGraphics

Knowledge is Power!!

18 May

This past semester has been a dozy, and allows me to state before I go to state nothing tragic happened.  I feel have lucky that I have my health; I have a clear head on my shoulders, and that I defining what makes me happy.

 It has taken me a long time to find what makes me happy, for its more of a journey then automatic intuitively knowing what you want to do with the rest of your life.  For the majority of my life I have been involved in agriculture, and I love it. Although lately I have felt more drawn to public relations and the opportunities that it presents.

Throughout my journey this semester I have found that agriculture and public relations have a lot in common. There are many misconceptions. Just like agriculture has an agriculture illiteracy issue, media shares the same issue.

 One of the major enlightens that received one I began my studies, as a public relations student was media enlighten. Typically people don’t pay attention to the information that they put online, and what they don’t expect is that companies could use this information to collect and market to them.

 Now I personally think that the amount of information that I have online is scary, although according to the other 92 other individuals online its not a lot. Now if you have a Facebook this could be a prime example.  However if this scares you take note, knowledge is power.

Make way for the future of cooking—popcorn nachos

3 May

Its no big secret in my hometown that my mother and I are terrible cooks. Back in the day the only thing we were allowed to bring to the parties were mac salad, cake, and the odd pan of enchiladas. Though it is amazing that that we don’t follow any of these rules, and are still considered bad cooks.  


Well this being said I decided that I had gotten tired of my nightly version of “tacos” and decided to spice it up a bit. Mostly because I was putting of a major assignment; although slightly because I also ran out of tortillas. I decided to make popcorn and then put the rest of the tacos supplies on top and bake it.  PURE AMAZINGNESS!!


Although if you tried and Google the recipe nothing comes up. Although I am pretty sure that must have not been the first to think of this idea. Which refutes Tim Berners-Lee ideology that if its not on the web it does not exist. 
 Although I have to say you can find a lot of interesting stuff on the web, you can even find recipes galore. However you cannot find the popcorn-taco recipe on line.


Just because the web is an amazing resource, does not mean that we should allow it to become our only resource. As human beings we have an amazing opportunity to go out and explore our world, and we should go out and try new things. And live our life outside the computer screen.            


So very true ;)

19 Apr

words to live by

The goal is to become internet savvy, let the journey begin

19 Apr

I am dyslexic, my mom discovered this when I was about four years old and she was teaching me to read. Instead of reading what was actually was written; I would in turn make up my own words.


Though I can honestly say, dyslexic makes things interesting. I am always driving pass billboards and thinking “oh dear I hope that does not say what I think it says”. Though very ironically I am a very good reader, and read about four books a week.  It SOOTHES me, what can I say I am a bookworm.


Although I have never let dyslexic stop me from trying to read, in stead I figured that it was a building block to greater things.  The most wonderful thing about the dyslexic community is that they band together and find ways to others with the same condition. Through apps to help others read better, to sitting down with an individual and explaining some ideas to help them read and write better.


See the web is a place where many people can share their ideas and connect with other people. And as I know I tend to struggle, send the wrong link, or make a bad pun. I know that others will be there to perhaps giggle a little, and then help me become a better Internet savvy