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I’m back!

7 Jan

Its been awhile.

Since the 1st of December if I remember correctly.

Things have been crazy in my life recently, which is why I had to take a break from the blogging scene for awhile.

Since the last time that I chatted to you guys the following has occurred:

  • I received a job at The Orion (where I used to write for the arts and entertainment section) as the PR director¬†B5Ea7sPCUAIFzxV.jpg-large
  • Finals took me by storm, but I managed to survive!
  • My littles Jennie and Cierra officially became apart of Sigma Alpha1012971_10202210343498711_5547699769953950239_n
  • I got a new car, after medusa (my old red rust bucket) broke down on the way to ArizonaIMG_1931
  • And I am about to start my final semester at Chico State

Its been a rocking roller coaster, but I am excited to rejoin the blogging community and hoped everyone had a wonderful holiday. This was me and my mom first try at making sugar cookies…it was supposed to be reindeer…looks more like a sheep. A fluffy sheep.


Best wishes,