Traveling home

30 Nov

It was weird going back to my home town, this place where I had spent 18 plus years of my life, and seeing it through different eyes.

Now I was the tourist, the person who drove in just to see the holiday parade. (Which was fantastic by the way, there was a group that motorized their recliners!) To see friends, hang out at the local water hole. It was strange, going back to Hanford, attending these events I saw that while it was nice to reminisce this part of my life was over. And it was time for new adventures to begin.

Emerging into adulthood is a interesting transition, and it comes with its peaks and pits. Now, as I am about to graduate from CSU Chico its time I decided what I am going to do with my life. The dream is to work for a agriculture company promoting local food, or better yet just being able to promote farming in general. The good news is that I’m young, and the bulk of my journey (hopefully) is still in front of me.

So while it was nice to go and see some old friends and appreciate where I come from its exciting to see the adventure ahead.

Stay warm,



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