Break with a side of the Common Cold

25 Nov

Finally able to enjoy more then 8 hours of sleep my body settled into a relaxing rhythm, finally taking proper care of my body for the first time all semester my body had a little melt down.

Just when I gave my body a little rest apparently thats when I gave the cold virus the opportunity to take over. Waking up off and on through out the day is medicating with soup and orange juice I am constantly reminded how lucky that I am to have fresh produce.

Not only does my roommate get fresh oranges, but she gets the best local soup delivered to my door. The variety and abidance of California agriculture is present in almost all of my daily activities such as making coffee to pulling on my sweatshirts to go and muck stalls.

So yes as I start to suffer the sniffles I thought I would compile my own list of what helps me get over a cold in a hurry:

  • Airborne (Start taking this when everyone getting sick)
  • Tea (hot and cold, both kinds are relaxing and feel good on a sore throat)
  • Orange Juice (usually when I am sick I have galloons of the local stuff on stand by)
  • Soup (preferably not Top Ramon, but yeah I am a college student and making Top Ramon is surprising hard to mess up)
  • Reflexology (In the theory that every part of your body is connected in your hands and foot, massaging your feet with vapor rub is actually soothing and increases my recovery ten fold)

Well,thats all for now guys. I am going back to cuddling with my night quill and tissue box before I ride the train to Bakersfield.

Stay well,



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