Miniature Donkeys

24 Nov

Occasionally I do odd work such as raking leaves or washing trucks that fits around my busy schedule.

Today I got the opportunity to work with miniature donkeys, which are becoming one of my favorite animals. Miniature Donkeys, not to be confused with another miniature (the horse, which are horrible mean creatures) are incredibly friendly and intelligent. In my pervious job I help trained a donkey which was highly skilled cart pulling (which doesn’t sound that complicated, but between voice commands and different types of cart pulling it got complex rather fast.  Donkey Odin also was a strong bugger he could pull up to six grown men in cart, not that we ever tested but that was the rumor)

SEA_5888In addition to being creatures of burden donkeys are also skilled at:

  • Companion animals
  • Driving (aka cart pulling)
  • Riding (small children only)
  • Agility 
  • Random Tricks
  • Showmanship
  • Therapeutic

Have a lovely night every one!



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