Marketing with Morrison

21 Nov

So I know the past couple of days I have been alluding the Marketing and Social Media presentation that was presented with the North Valley Food Hub, and now I have finally had the time (and the notes) to do this piece justice.

R. Brent Morrison (From Morrison and Company) describes marketing as

  • is how to create,communicate and delve something that is of value to someone
  • the foundation of knowing your consumers are, what your consumers need and what they are willing to pay for it
  • is producing what you can sell vs. selling what you can produce

Morrison was kind enough to break down the different types of the market situations.

  • Brokers/Packers: They buy harvest commodities, and then marketing like commodities on a pooling basis
  • Value Added: Is when they a business buy a product like tomatoes and then make it into salsa,or example Top of the ‘Morn Dairy. Some Advantages to this marketing system is that there is more price stability, and have there is the potential for more profit.
  • Direct Market: Selling directly to consumers. Some models of are farming tourism and tasting rooms. Advantages lie in higher margins and non farming opportunities, although on the flip side its a completely different business from agriculture and can lead to higher costs.

This was just a basic overview of different aspects of farming and how they apply in agriculture.

I hope that everyone is having a good week,



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