Rain and Storms, with a little bit of Frozen

20 Nov

So I know I proposed that I would talk about research market, however life works in mysterious ways. Tonight my power went out at my house after a aggressive rain storm. (Question: What do Californians get excited about? Answer: Rain and pumpkin coffee!)  I had to flee my house for the warmth of a friends (and internet access), and ended up leaving all my notes at home.

Therefore I decided to switch todays topic to a matter which I am very concerned about: Christmas Spirt. Shopping at Jo-Anns today I fell into a whirlwind of glitter, christmas ornaments, and massive to do lists. Suckered into the Christmas section, which is so cleverly displayed, I began to wonder if this is all Christmas is about?

Throughout the rows of sparkly ribbon and 50% off pink stockings that read “My First Christmas” (which I seriously considered buying for my roommate) were Frozen merchandise. Let me be clear, I like Frozen probably more then I should. (I mean “youwwhooo summer blowout sale” is a classic) However when did Christmas become so integrated with sale pitches and figuring out were to place merchandise so that it will sale effectively. To be honest Frozen has nothing to do with Christmas, in fact looking around a lot of the stuff on the shelfs had nothing to do with the season at all.

This is currently my roommates first Christmas celebration, as a exchange student from Sir Lanka she has never experienced the bonding rituals of decorating the tree, baking cookies (or burning them), or watching old Christmas specials on T.V. I want to make this a experience she won’t forget, a chance to spend time with our funky makeshift family and find some joy in the pouring rain.

Okay rant over, I promise tomorrow that I will try to have the market research post up and running. And I swear I am so happy about the rain,although once I get my coffee things will be better.

Have a nice night,



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