30 Day Blogging Challenge: Sustainability on the University Farm

16 Nov

When I started my freshmen year at Chico State, I was apprehensive. Sitting in the second floor of Plumas, Freshmen filled the 70 seats as they hurriedly shoved campus maps in their binders. Sitting in the Agriculture 180 class, which was a required class for all incoming students, advisors and mature students came to woo the freshmen to work at the University Farm.

Long story short I ended up filling out a application to work at the farm, took a safety driving course, and ended up working on the new poultry project.

IMG_0051(Me washing eggs at the University Farm)

The poultry project was a movable poultry hutch that focus on sustainability measures like:

  • Following the Dairy Cows on a rotational grazing pattern in order to preserve the grass
  • In addition following the dairy cows the chickens would reduce the amount of bugs
  • Using solar power to generate light for the inside of the poultry hutch

The University Farm gave students the opportunity to work on a Organic Sustainable farm and gave a different interpretation of agriculture.

Over and out from the small city of Chico,



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