The 30 Day Blog Challenge: Organic agriculture, answering some questions

15 Nov

Yesterday I dove into the exciting world of organic agriculture.

Although yesterday after my initial exploration of organic agriculture, I felt that I was lacking some vital information or that something was missing. So that last night after some pondering I decided to reach out to Haven Bourque, writer for Civil Eats and way more knowledgeable then me about organic agriculture, for her take on the subject.

Something that I learn through reading the articles that Bourque sent me was:

  • Organic farming is some times coupled with sustainable agriculture to make the farm more productive by utilizing methods like: rotational grazing, using different crops to reestablish the soil, and using different animals to increase productivity of the land
  • Just because they are label organic, doesn’t mean that they are that they are pesticide free.
  • Organic is one of the fastest growing fields of agricultures
  • There is at least two colleges in California that offer a focus on organic agriculture and sustainably programs, UC Davis and Chico State.

This is just one of the first investigations that I have made into the wealth of knowledge about organic agriculture. Although this was a brief summary of what I learned the past couple of days, I cannot wait to develop my knowledge further.

Join me tomorrow for my blog post about the sustainably on Chico State Farm.

Have a lovely weekend,



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