30 Days Agriculture Blog: Wearable technology

13 Nov

Everyone in California has hear about Google Glass, heck even students in my journalism department even got to play with the device.

Technology is becoming a major player in agriculture, starting from the days of the cotton gin (which is memorialized in history books across the U.S.) to the days of the GPS it is impossible to farm with out these innovations in agriculture. Wearable devices are become mainstream rather abruptly, in fact it wasn’t even twenty years ago that the Global Positioning System (GPS) was put to work in agriculture.

But the question is how do we take the mainstream mobile technology, such as the Google Glass, and convert it into a resource for agriculture.

Tek Wear Ag came up with a solution, more like a application, to turn the Google Glass into a major innovation in agriculture.

Some of the examples of Glass can be implemented on a farm:

-Give individuals advice on how to fix complex machinery

-Insect identification from a remote location

-Easier organization and correlation of data

-Diagnoses of animal health issues

Video curtsey of Agriculture.com

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I explore the definition of the word organic and the associations that are implied.



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