The 30 Day Blog Challenge: Diary Goats with Kelly

11 Nov

The dairy goat industry is a fledging industry in California, yet according to American Dairy Goat Association they are one the oldest domesticated species of livestock. I sat down with Kelly Pedrotti to get her take on the goat industry and what is some of the challenges of working with milking goats.

When did you first get into the goat industry?

Pedrotti: I first got into it in the 7th grade through Jennie (her friend from her hometown also seen here)

How many years have you been raising goats since then?

Pedrotti: Well, I actually still have them.

How many goats do you still have?

Pedrotti: I am cutting back cause I am school I cant take care of them so it’s a big responsibility for my dad. So I only have four and two of them are milking. The biggest thing is milking them every day and night.

So at the height of your dairy goat experience how many goats did you have?

Pedrotti: Like 12, not a lot. We had a dairy so they were kind of a side project.

How you say that the goat industry is perceived in California?

Pedrotti: I would say that the dairy goat industry is growing and you actually see a lot of dairy goat farms and goat milk is way more popular then it used to be.

Would you say that the projects for the fairs are growing?

Pedrotti: I would say that the market goats are growing. There is a lot more 4-H and FFA kids showing the meat market goats. However dairy goat wise it not a huge thing, at least not in my county. It’s a lot of money from raising it to milking it, so there isn’t a lot of return. So a lot of people just do it for the pleasure of raising goats. Its pretty popular though especially for younger kids because they are so personable.

What you say is the best part about raising goats?

Pedrotti: Well for me goats are really personable, and the best part was that they had their own personalities. I never had dogs and both my parents had dogs but I had this old goat Abby who is about seven or eight years old. Who is supper sassy now. There personalities are what sucked me into the project. And how their personalities developed when they are young, it was really fun.

What you say is the biggest challenge of raising goats?

Pedrotti: I would say the biggest challenge of raising goats is knowing when to stop. Each year you want to breed your doe back because you want them to produce milk, but then your numbers keep growing. And its really hard to sell them in my county especially because I produce show quality goats instead of them just going to a dairy. So when I sell my goats its to another showman, so a lot of the time I don’t get the amount that I think that they are worth. The hardest things is knowing when to cut back and stop and trying to sell them in general.

Have a good night everyone,



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