The 30 Day Blog Challenge: The Shrinking of Agriculture land (Take Two)

10 Nov

Yesterday I brought up the issue of agriculture land consumption. As I illustrated yesterday agriculture is of vital importance to California, hopefully (knock on wood and throw salt over your shoulder for rain) we will be able to be in full production for the following year.

Thompson (Edward From Farmland Trust, California Agriculture Land Loss & Conservation: The Basic Facts) states that “Consumption of the best farmland is occurring primarily because most California cities were located in areas with good soils and abundant water, and most development is now occurring on the immediate urban fringe.” California has some of the best soil in the nation, with a excellent climate that encourages a one of the largest agriculture production states in the nation.

Further more we are losing agriculture land rapidly. “If current development trends continue, 1.3 million acres of California agricultural land, including 670,000 acres of prime, unique and statewide important farmland, will be developed by 2050” further elaborated Thompson. “For irrigated cropland alone, this would entail an annual loss of an estimated $2 billion in agricultural production in current farm gate dollars.”

In fact if California were its own country it would produce between fifth and ninth out of the nations in the world according to Richard Cornett of the Western Farm Press. In fact Cornett explains, “California’s agricultural exports reached an all-time high of $10.9 billion in 2007, and exported agricultural products to more than 156 countries worldwide.”

Losing agriculture land is a huge issue, although knowledge about the agriculture land loss is the first step to fixing the issue.

Tomorrow I planned interview with Chico State Student Kelly Pedrotti about dairy goat production.

Till then have a excellent night.



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