30 Day Blog Challenge: The Shrinking of Agriculture Land

9 Nov

Agriculture Land is shrinking in America, every day land is being redeveloped for shopping malls, new houses, or new schools. Every day America, the home of the brave, is growing rapidly.

According Edward Thompson who wrote the California Agriculture Land Loss & Conservation: The Basic Facts states “that since 1990 urban development has consumed an acre of land for every 9.4 people statewide. (Referring to California) In the San Joaquin Valley, the rate is for every 8 people.”

The facts are that while people are leaving California right now there is still a major population that is expanding rapidly.

“Development is consuming an 40,000 acres of agricultural land per year” elaborates Thompson. “In the San Joaquin Valley, which accounts for over half of California’s total agricultural output, more than 60 percent of all land developed was prime, unique or of statewide importance to agriculture “

With all this rapid consumption of land, why is it important to keep agriculture land from being developed:

  • “21 million American jobs have their root in the U.S. food and fiber industry—more than five times as many workers as the U.S. automotive manufacturing, sales and service sectors combined. Source: American Farm Bureau Federation, Dept. of Labor”
  • “Agricultural exports alone generated 920,000 the non-farm sector in 2008.Source: USDA”
  • “With reference to the combined agricultural production and processing industry, for every $1 of direct labor income in agriculture, $1.27 additional labor income is generated in the state.” Source: Cornett, Richard Western Farm Press

Regardless of the figures above there is the culture and the lifestyles of the farm families that are being destroyed during the process.

Tomorrow I am planning to expand further on agriculture land loss. But in till then have a good night.



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