30 Days: My Origin Story

1 Nov

Before we launch into some the topics that I wanted to cover this month ( such as land resources, and the drought) I wanted to share a bit about my origins story and where I come from.


I was born in the small dairy town of Hanford, to a agronomist and a agriculture teacher. Being the daughter of a agriculture teacher I raised a way more livestock then I can remember, starting out at the ripe old age of four. I started raisings my first herd of market chickens.

fair animals 2006 008

In the later years I would go on to raise pork and beef through organizations such as 4-H and FFA.

In Future Farmers of American (FFA) I did the best that I could with judging teams in floral design and horticulture. Later going on to win a state championship in floral design, however my passion was always for animals. Living on a 1/3 acre (also known as Happy 1/3 Acers) our home was shared with a variety of animals, at the most was 60 hogs, two cattle projects, and forty chickens. In addition to the accidental animals that I rescue that would come and live with us.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The FFA was a great organization that helps shaped and mold me into young woman that I am today. As national convention wraps up this week I am reminded of what a great group this that influences the youth of our nation. It promotes leadership, communication skills, and knowledge in agriculture.

It was in college that I decided that I knew that I wanted to do with my life (because it didn’t occur to me that I might change my mind) and become a agriculture teacher. Well life works in mysterious ways and I found myself (as a very Dyslexic student) enrolling in journalism and public relation classes.

IMG_0164Reflecting on my past I am very grateful for the opportunities that were given to me in my youth. I was very fortunate that I that I was born into a agriculture family that obliged my need to have a multitude of animals, and that fostered me into attending these agriculture programs.

To see other aspects of agriculture life check out Holly Spangler’s blog which has a list of other bloggers who are taking the thirty day challenge.

Have a great weekend,



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