Creating a hashtag for famers (and consumers)

12 Sep


Last week in my blog post I mention the word agvocate; however I didn’t know at that moment in time that it had been formed into a nation wide hashtag movement.

The root of word agvocate means to be a advocate for agriculture. Only 1 percent of the American population is involved in agriculture, leaving the rest of the population with a vague idea of where their food comes from.

Most of the individuals that are using #Agvocate are tying to get their followers to think more about agriculture and where their food comes from.

There is a major disconnect between agriculturists and the rest of population. For example most people in the United States think that major corporations own the majority of farms. However according to American Farm Bureau an overwhelming 97% of farms are family owned and operated and alone they feed approximately 155 people per a year.

The mission behind this hashtag movement is creating a bridge between the consumers and farmers. So instead of being a anonymous source of food there is now a face (a real person) that is providing the food.

Photo Credit: Kristen Moran

Video Credit:  WieghatGraphics


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