The career that is right for me.

5 Sep

I have always been a aggie, or for those not familiar the term a agriculturist. I grew up in agriculture, and was a daughter of a agriculture teacher. So it was generally assumed that I would have a career in agriculture like most of my family. 

So coming into my college career I thought I had everything figured out. I was going to be agriculture high school teacher, with the specialization in plant science. However it wasn’t in till I stumbled into my first journalism class that I found I like advocating for agriculture, more then I like teaching. 

This signaled to me that I should change my major to public relations, where I could be agvocate (see what I did there) for agriculture. I would eventually like to work with sustainability, however my dream job would be crisis management for agriculture clients. 

Some of the organization that I would love the chance to work for are:

  • I love farmers is a young agriculture advocate company that came out of Cal Poly Pomona. They have great marketing ideas, and they are a powerful voice for farmers in the Central Valley. 
  • I would love to opportunity to work for a  firm and have a clients like Full Belly Farm. Sustainable agriculture is becoming a large movement in Northern California, and the fact that they continuously give back to the community through events like Hoe’s Down is a huge benefit to their reputation. 

Before embarking on this semester I thought I was social media savvy. However after the first week of school I realized that I had a lot still to learn. So this semester going to be interesting, the various twitter applications and management apps are definitely something that I am looking forward to and would beneficial to implement in my everyday life. 

Photo credit: Kristen Moran  


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