Knowledge is Power!!

18 May

This past semester has been a dozy, and allows me to state before I go to state nothing tragic happened.  I feel have lucky that I have my health; I have a clear head on my shoulders, and that I defining what makes me happy.

 It has taken me a long time to find what makes me happy, for its more of a journey then automatic intuitively knowing what you want to do with the rest of your life.  For the majority of my life I have been involved in agriculture, and I love it. Although lately I have felt more drawn to public relations and the opportunities that it presents.

Throughout my journey this semester I have found that agriculture and public relations have a lot in common. There are many misconceptions. Just like agriculture has an agriculture illiteracy issue, media shares the same issue.

 One of the major enlightens that received one I began my studies, as a public relations student was media enlighten. Typically people don’t pay attention to the information that they put online, and what they don’t expect is that companies could use this information to collect and market to them.

 Now I personally think that the amount of information that I have online is scary, although according to the other 92 other individuals online its not a lot. Now if you have a Facebook this could be a prime example.  However if this scares you take note, knowledge is power.


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