Make way for the future of cooking—popcorn nachos

3 May

Its no big secret in my hometown that my mother and I are terrible cooks. Back in the day the only thing we were allowed to bring to the parties were mac salad, cake, and the odd pan of enchiladas. Though it is amazing that that we don’t follow any of these rules, and are still considered bad cooks.  


Well this being said I decided that I had gotten tired of my nightly version of “tacos” and decided to spice it up a bit. Mostly because I was putting of a major assignment; although slightly because I also ran out of tortillas. I decided to make popcorn and then put the rest of the tacos supplies on top and bake it.  PURE AMAZINGNESS!!


Although if you tried and Google the recipe nothing comes up. Although I am pretty sure that must have not been the first to think of this idea. Which refutes Tim Berners-Lee ideology that if its not on the web it does not exist. 
 Although I have to say you can find a lot of interesting stuff on the web, you can even find recipes galore. However you cannot find the popcorn-taco recipe on line.


Just because the web is an amazing resource, does not mean that we should allow it to become our only resource. As human beings we have an amazing opportunity to go out and explore our world, and we should go out and try new things. And live our life outside the computer screen.            


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