Taking over the world, muahha

24 Apr

People always ask what the game plan, or what is my agenda is for the day.  For the most part I am basically unsure of what I am going to have for lunch, never mind the rest of the day…Month. Oh (gasp) a year! So my typical cheeky response…is oh you know nothing-major just take over the world.

So thinking about this I have found that you need to have several things to take over the world…or merely just to make an impression.

1)   You need to have a good evil laugh; it makes a world of difference. A slight chuckle will not do the job. Also if you have a mustache you can stroke, or long nails clink together that would be plus.

2)   Don’t take away technology, seriously. It draws people in like moth to a flame. In addition people will be so involved with social media, that many will focus on what’s going on in their own personal life’s then the bigger picture.

3)   Be kind, be generous. No one will follow someone who does not care about the people. In fact, be a friend to those you can be. Be tolerant of those you do not yet understand. And have faith that the future can be better the then the past.

4)   Have a good support group, or minions. Just like Rome was not built in a day, you cannot take over the world without a good group of people behind you. To motivate you, or when you fail help you establish a good business plan for that bakery you always wanted to run.

Well the good news is that I have already had a good group of friends, who happen to have a back ground in technology. All I need to work on is growing my mustache. Just kidding.


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