The goal is to become internet savvy, let the journey begin

19 Apr

I am dyslexic, my mom discovered this when I was about four years old and she was teaching me to read. Instead of reading what was actually was written; I would in turn make up my own words.


Though I can honestly say, dyslexic makes things interesting. I am always driving pass billboards and thinking “oh dear I hope that does not say what I think it says”. Though very ironically I am a very good reader, and read about four books a week.  It SOOTHES me, what can I say I am a bookworm.


Although I have never let dyslexic stop me from trying to read, in stead I figured that it was a building block to greater things.  The most wonderful thing about the dyslexic community is that they band together and find ways to others with the same condition. Through apps to help others read better, to sitting down with an individual and explaining some ideas to help them read and write better.


See the web is a place where many people can share their ideas and connect with other people. And as I know I tend to struggle, send the wrong link, or make a bad pun. I know that others will be there to perhaps giggle a little, and then help me become a better Internet savvy


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