Lets just agree that the past should be updated, at least when it comes to myspace picture

5 Apr

For the most part the Internet and I have a love/ hate relationship. For the most part it gets me out of a lot of jams that is common to the college student: Last minute term papers, inspiration on how to clean my room (a.k.a. it never happens), or answers to some of the biggest debates in history; fruit loops or cheerios. Of course this is real important stuff.


However there is has been a lot of controversy on what has been included on the Internet lately.  For example if your were to look up information on the legendary civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. on Google, about the third link down is a white elitist movement that tries to negate all of martin Luther kings work.  I am in fact ashamed that there are things like this on the Internet, but due to the freedom of speech they have the right to slander who they would like. Just like I have the ability to write that I don’t like them, and that I think that they are full of crap on my blog.


Of course of all the things on the web that come, some are inaccurate or outdated. And this could have serious effects on any business, or *gasp your social life.  If any person would look up my name in the Google, they would probably find my MySpace page.  Where in the picture I am showing up my super stylish braces, they had multi- colored bands. And my writing at the time where about the massive crush of my of my preteen years (or so I thought) a guy I called Pinky It makes me blush right now to think about my tween writing. Thank goodness I have matured, at least a little. 


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