Real men grow their own kale

21 Mar

I was watching the chew the other day, because of course I am still on mandatory bed rest.  And frankly its better then watching soap operas. Anyways getting back to the root of the conversation (hahah pun) they were talking about how veterans return home and there is this program that allows them to learn about sustainable agriculture. AMAZING!! In fact one of their sayings is that “real men grow their own kale, heroes are the ones that eat it.”


I think programs like this are incredible; in fact the segment that they produced on the show literally brought tears to my eyes. This is a topic that lies close to my heart given the fact that a majority of my family is in the military. I have seen the struggles that it takes for them when they emerged from the war.  I think it’s amazing what these folks are doing. And I wanted to just send a shout out to Archi’s Acres. 


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