Oh snap, can I just have a GPS please.

15 Mar

So this past week I have been to three different doctors: one at the student health center, an acupuncturist, and finally a chiropractor.  Now this week I have heard a RANGE of things, things you really don’t want to hear in a doctor office. For example from the student health center I heard “I hope I don’t mess up again”, eek. Or from the acupuncturist  “crap I am going to need to more needles.”  Though my favorite comment was today when I at the chiropractor “ FRICKING technology”; this of course was accompanied by several furious finger punching motions to the touch screen device.


Technology could be really frustrating, take it from me I KNOW. Although since I was in a small business I understood, and tried to be to patient.  And thank the lord I have a high pain tolerance; otherwise it would have been a long doctor visit. Thankfully the technology that the doctor implemented during my visit today will go a long way in the future. My doctors will be able to share files, save paper, and be able to see my medical history with in a glance.


If you think about it the technology that the doctor used to day is basically a GPS for my back/ neck issues. As my doctor visits continued to track improvement and problems over the years GPS has come to do that for agriculture.  Technology is influencing how people change and operate our lives. My hope is that it makes our life easier, and not a huge headache. 


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