Happy Simming ( My adventure into the online community)

8 Mar

I let you in on one of my most prized secrets—I am addicted to the Sims game franchise.  I am one of those players that would wait up till 12 a.m. to download the latest game. And normally I don’t give up sleep—my friends make fun of me because my bed resembles a nest of pillows and blankets. (Side note: it’s SO hard to leave my bed in the morning, because of it INCREDIBLE level of comfyness and snuggleabilty, and yes I had to invent new words. Because current words in my vocabulary just doesn’t seem to describe it)


That being said, when I finally downloaded the newest game: Sims 3 University. I discovered that because I operate a Mac system, that certain parts of the new game were unplayable. WHICH, might I say was so frustrating because I had given up my precious sleep to make it work.  SO I did some thing that I have never done before—I posted on the Sims 3 forums.  (Queue dramatic music)


Now I had never posted on the Sims site, simply because I have never felt the need too.  But with in my first post, I was blasted. (By the way my avatar name is kjilop and Sims has purple hair—I am not quite sure that I could pull this off in the real world L) I had no idea where her stupid thread was, nor did I care to look. But as my mom says you catch more flies with honey then vinegar. SO I tried the kissing butt approach (go down further on the screen) yet it didn’t seem to help at all.


Finally after about four hours of relentless Internet search, many trips to the kitchen to get Oreos and milk. I finally broke down and deleted my Sims history, which to those who don’t know I had to erase my Sims that I have had since the begging of the game coming out. Oh well, I wonder if this counts as a version of spring-cleaning. [side note: my roommate upon reading this started tearing up. ]


So to recap—my first foray into online communities was a complete and utter bust!!


Oh well, Happy Simming!!


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