A rivalry between siblings, or a bond to assist the future

1 Mar

The relationship between print and the new online sources is like the relationships between siblings. When I was brought into my family, I inherited an older brother.

Upon my mom and dad bringing me home the first thing my brother did was PUSH my crib over; which was not quite the welcoming relationship that my parents hoped that we would have. See my brother was not too happy with being replaced by a bundle of pink cloth. Although he eventually got over it, he really did not have a choice. I was here to stay.

It’s the same way with print and online media; yes print was the golden child for the aristocrat society for about two hundred years. And it had a good run; it influenced the world as we know it. However just like my brother had to make room for me in the family, the hardbound books had to accept the Internet into the literary family. At first many people were skeptical of how the Internet was going to affect the print world. It inspired many novels, and created a fear with communities of the limitation of speech. [FACT CHECK: Sorry to mislead anyone but the book to that is linked to this post was due to the rise of communism and concerns about censorship]

Although when new technology was invented, it created an unlimited resource to allow most of the current generation to express their new views. And new inventions like the Kindle Fire, it created a firestorm of new ways that information could be transformed and absorbed (Pun not intended).  And though I may always love my books, the physical feel and the ability to flip through the pages encumbered with  technology. Although it is difficult to fit them into the modern lifestyle.  Just like my big brother they can be overwhelming, hard to move (he is built like an ox), and just plain annoying. To the avid reader like myself I read about five books a week, and with technology like the kindle I can have hundreds of books at my fingertips  Software like the Kindle application allows avid readers to have access to hundreds of books. The new technology can provide much better access to raw information; it just has it time and place. And just like me has its limitations, it has to be charged, rebooted, if you drop on the ground you are so out of luck–and money. And if the customer cannot reach Wi-Fi, then they cannot access the content they have purchased.  Although I believe that both media sources can survive and thrive in accordance with each other. And where the other the other slips and falls, just like family they can pull each other up.


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