The Jetsons—Who knew that cartoons could predict the future.

22 Feb

Being the proud owner of a used car has been challenging to say the least. If the radiator was not leaking, then the stick shift is stuck in neutral.  Although I would not trade my poor car for anything, it would be ideal to know when it is about to have it next crisis.  In fact if I had a tractor (like any good aggie would) Trimble, would already have an app for that.

We have now arrived at a time where technology is limited only by our imagination. And while  our creative thinkers sipping on rockstars, it has occurred to me now that there is much yet to be discovered. Sadly we have not invented flying cars that the  Jetsons modeled in the famous 1960’s cartoon series. However this generation has many new opportunities at it’s fingertips. Just today Google Glasses became a new reality.

In spite of the fact that we have not achieved super cool flying cars, there is still the opportunity to live like the Jetsons. It is truly amazing that technology such as the jetpack–thought to be mere fiction–is now for sale. Though I would air on the side of caution when it comes to this technology; it would be just my luck to pull a modern Tarzan– and fly into a building.

However, there becomes a point in our society that technology becomes excessive. Instead of discovering something for ourselves, our generation relies on YouTube to import a synthesized experience to their lifes. In watching these videos we are just reshuffling the same content, not experiencing or creating anything new. But stuck in a line of repeating videos, not experiencing the life that is waiting just beyond the screen. Is the Google glass the technology bridges the gap between what currently awaits us—to baneful path of  big brother? I don’t know, I can only speculate. Admittedly we live in era which has limitless possibilities. However, if we spend our time behind a screen reshuffling content we are the ones limiting our future.


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