Does new technology mean new journalism?

15 Feb

Gone are the days of the telegraphic, the typewriter, and sadly the phonograph. It used to be the days when receiving news took days, or even months. However now if there is a major event the news traveled to me swiftly with a beep of my smart phone.

Not only is the news more accessible, although now there is widget like truth googles that highlights and check facts. Journalism and technology whiz Dan Schultz points out that while we do have better access to the news, the sources that we partake of can limit us. Especially if they are supplying facts that slanted to their story, therefore taking it out of context.  And warping the facts to met their standards and the view of the public.

So now that we live in a world with fact checkers like politico, and sites like Global Post that gives us access to news from around the world.So, the question is: Will we as a society look for new and credible resources, or shall we challenge the world to rise to a new media standard?


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